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An Indian-born American writer and director. He fell in love with storytelling at a young age, being an avid reader and a gigantic film buff. This passion led him to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Film-Video. He graduated from Pennsylvania State University with that degree in 2019. He published his debut novella, Nightmare from the Deep, in 2021. He has also written and directed Road to No End, The Virtues of Solitude, an Official Selection of the 2019 Rough Cut Film Festival, and the crowdfunded post-apocalyptic short film, What Remains.


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The Marydel State Penitentiary was shut down in 1982 and by then it had already swallowed the lives of over one thousand people. Some went by way of the noose; others went by more personal means.

Since its closure, and aided by the rise of the internet, the penitentiary and its list of popular prisoners become the center of many conspiracies. It all started four years ago, in 2002, when a retired security guard took to the web to share stories from working at the prison. An old man’s second-rate creepypasta soon turned an ordinary prison into a proposed portal to the afterlife.

Over the following months and years, dozens of sources emerged claiming they saw someone moving in the infirmary or voices coming from the long-abandoned cell block. However, whether by coincidence or copycatting, the sightings had one thing in common; they all occurred at three in the morning. Known as the witching hour.


When a series of grisly murders terrify the residents in the small town of Bethlehem, four teenagers set out on the path to finding the killer. Soon they find themselves uncovering the dark past of the town and the secrets of its inhabitants.

Nightmare from the Deep, the debut novella from Sri Kandula, tells the story of Jacob, Bruce, Allison, and Kevin as they face their fears in a summer to remember.

The book is on sale now on Amazon. The eBook is $2.99 and the paperback is $4.99. Click the link below to get yourself a copy now!